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Backups are the most important thing for the security of your website. In case of emergency, we take care of an immediate recovery.

Wordpress Backups

Having your own website is extremely important for many companies and the self-employed for their business and public image. There is usually not only an incredible amount of work behind it, but also a large amount of important data. In the event of an attack or unplanned failure of the website, the worst case would be loss of this data.

There are countless possibilities that can lead to such a scenario. Without appropriate protection, this would result in the total loss of all data and waste a lot of work and money.

The only way to protect yourself against such a debacle is to back up the website regularly. With comprehensive backups, we ensure that your data is available on demand in an emergency and that the website is online again within a very short time.

WordPress Updates

Regular CMS (WordPress) updates guarantee you security, accessibility and protection. Old systems are much more vulnerable to attacks.

Wordpress Updates

WordPress is the most popular content management system for creating private and business websites. This makes it a popular target for potential hacker attacks or data theft.

It is freely available software, which means that anyone can study it intensively and gain insight into possible security gaps.

This is precisely why it is fundamentally important to carry out WordPress updates regularly and to bring your own CMS up to date.

This is the only way to ensure that all security functions are up to date and protection against hackers can be guaranteed.

So that you do not become a victim of attacks or data theft, we regularly update your website to the latest WordPress version and ensure maximum security!

Plugin Updates

With regular plugin updates, we not only implement new features, but also guarantee the security of your website!

Wordpress Plugin Updates

The full range of functions of a professional website cannot usually be provided by WordPress alone. Additional plugins are required that extend the CMS.

To ensure that these always function smoothly and at the same time ensure the highest level of security, we carry out regular plugin updates on your website. Without these updates you are not only missing important and new functions, but the different systems also work less well together and thus have a negative impact on the usability of your website.

Plugin updates prevent errors and crashes on your website and guarantee smooth operation of your website.

Theme Updates

We make sure that the theme on your website is always up to date and you have access to the latest features and functions!

Wordpress Theme Updates

The right theme is the key to an appealing and beautifully designed website. It represents one of the most important components and should therefore be treated with the appropriate priority.

This also includes regular updates and a general functional test. This is the only way you can always show visitors your website from its best side and impress them with an appealing design. If the theme is not updated regularly, you will miss out on numerous new functions and possible bug fixes that will make your website look a whole lot better in terms of user experience.

We ensure that everything is always up to date and carry out the theme updates for you!

Uptime Monitoring

An unreachable website is the worst case! Thanks to our permanent check, your website is accessible around the clock.

Wordpress Uptime Monitoring

The reasons for a non-functioning website can be manifold. Regardless of the exact trigger, the consequences are always undesirable and have a very negative effect.

Not only is your website unavailable for the time it takes to solve the problem, search engines like Google also recognize such failures immediately and penalize the affected website with poor rankings!

To prevent this worst-case scenario, we run continuous uptime monitoring of your website.
If you should not be available despite our preventive protection, we will recognize this immediately.

We use our tools to identify the cause of the problem and fix it so that your visitors don’t even notice the website is down.

Link Monitoring

Non-functioning links have an immediate impact on your ranking! We monitor all links and ensure their function.

Wordpress Link Monitoring

Links are the heart of any website. The homepage is networked on the Internet only through incoming and outgoing connections, generates more traffic and can be recorded and ranked by search engines.

It’s all the worse if the links don’t work. This has an immediate, negative impact on the ranking position of your website in the search engines and thus costs you traffic.
To prevent this from happening in the first place, we constantly monitor the links on your website and use special software to check whether they work.
Non-functioning links are recognized immediately and the error is corrected. This way you won’t lose any important traffic and your website will be fully operational at all times.

Security Scans

Our permanent security scans protect you from possible security gaps and actively prevent possible attacks.

Wordpress Sicherheitsscans

The risk associated with viruses is often underestimated and the danger underestimated. Malware such as malware or viruses can wreak havoc on websites. The damage caused can go far beyond the homepage and affect important data of the company.

Once the virus has spread, it’s hard to get rid of it. We constantly scan your website to identify potential virus threats at an early stage.
This gives us the opportunity to completely remove it and render it harmless before it can even get close to any sensitive data or critical website infrastructure.

Virus protection

To prevent data theft or functional failures, we detect and remove viruses before they can cause any damage.

Wordpress Virenschutz

Even the best protection has its gaps. Although WordPress already provides extensive security features to protect your website from attacks, we will take a closer look and examine your website for possible security gaps.

We build a firewall to block outside threats and attacks. This ensures that viruses, malware and malware cannot spread in the first place. Furthermore, brute force attacks are prevented by Captcha and two-factor authentication. Thus your homepage remains protected against attacks from all over the world and the secure operation of your site is guaranteed.

Bug fixes

Regular function updates can lead to bugs and crashes on your website. We eliminate errors at lightning speed so that your website is always accessible and error-free.

Wordpress Bug & Fehlerbehebungen

WordPress brings numerous new updates every month, which include new functions as well as important security enhancements. So installing these updates and updating the system is elementary.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for bugs and errors to creep into your website, which in the worst case have a negative impact on the user experience. We take precautions and eliminate the errors before they even make themselves felt on the website or possibly cause it to crash. So you can work without any problems at any time!

Preventive protection

WordPress is the most widely used CMS and is often the focus of hackers. Our preventive protection specifically prevents attacks and gives malware no chance.

Präventiver WordPress Schutz

Prevention is better than aftercare! This wisdom proves itself once more with our preventive website protection. We keep an eye out for possible threats at an early stage and always look one step into the future when it comes to maintaining the functionality of your website and protecting sensitive data. By setting up and configuring numerous security mechanisms, brute force attacks, for example, can be stopped.

This way we can protect you with absolute certainty and you are always ahead of potential attackers.


Frequently asked Questions

It is not enough to update a website only every six months or annually. For example, if a plugin or WordPress itself is not updated, then hackers could use a known vulnerability to break into your site. Therefore updates should be carried out regularly.

First we need the access data for the WordPress homepage. In the first step, we record the current status of your website. Depending on which package you have booked, the preventive protection of your site will then be configured. Then we create an initial backup. Finally, we prepare everything for the regular updates.

We need the access data with administrator rights for your WordPress website. It would also be an advantage if the FTP and hoster access data are also available in order to be able to respond more quickly in an emergency.

The backups of your homepage are stored exclusively in Europe according to European data protection. In addition, they are encrypted.

Of course, we also take care of the maintenance for online shops (WooCommerce). In this case, we recommend that you book our "Pro" package, as this backs up the homepage every hour. In the event of a total failure, this prevents the loss of shop orders and protects you from a loss of sales.

In this case, contact us immediately. We will immediately restore your site from a backup.

The website is available without restrictions during the entire backup process. The backups run in the background - the visitors of your site are not aware of it.

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